My story of blogging Przemo

My story of blogging started as a necessity.

Hello and welcome to my story of blogging.

My name is Przemo and I know the struggles of living paycheck to paycheck, the sinking feeling of never having enough, and the sting of despair that comes when the bills pile up.

Like many of you, my journey to make money from home and to earn money online started not as an ambition, but as a necessity.

In the chilling cold of a -30°C winter night during the first week of the 80s, I came into this world.

Those early years were tough!

I remember meals that were just bread and drippings. Times were hard, but my parents’ undying love and resilience kept us pushing through.

But it wasn’t just about finding our next meal – it was the gnawing realization that the system isn’t built for thinkers and visionaries, it’s built for the working class (hence the name).

As I grew older and delved into medical school, I couldn’t shake off the feeling of discontent...

  • Why are we not taught to think?
  • Taught to dream?
  • To earn money and break free?

I realized the hard truth… Our schooling system produces workers, not thinkers. Even now, in an age where AI offers instant access to knowledge, schools are still regurgitating outdated facts:

  • Why doesn’t anyone teach us about money?
  • Why are we funneled into this cycle of endless labor?
  • Why do we only (and maybe) enjoy life when we’re old and frail?

Because the government doesn’t want a financially savvy society.

Life, as it often does, threw me a curveball…

After moving to London, I found love and married a stunning, radiant Italian dancer. But fate had its plans, and she was diagnosed with severe health conditions, shaking our world and impacting us both emotionally and financially.

Firstly, M was diagnosed with the worst type of endometriosis – stage 4 and deep infiltrating. The following year, she was also diagnosed with fibromyalgia.

That was a time when I ventured into the world of blogging, initially to share our journey of battling chronic illness. It was a form of therapy, but as I explored more, I stumbled upon the immense potential to make money from home.

That discovery led me to the path I’m on now.

Backed by personal experiences and insights from my wife, who is a wizard with savings, but also from my twin brother, an accountant who kindled my passion for financial education, I began to unearth the potential of online side hustles.

Through side hustles from home like Pinterest, the beauty of affiliate marketing, or the vast realm of blogging, I realized that it’s possible to escape the 9-5 grind…

There are side hustles that pay well, and they’re not just dreams – they’re tangible, real part-time work-from-home jobs that anyone, with the right guidance, can embark upon.

If you’re here, yearning for that chance to break free, find that perfect side job, or dive into remote work, know this – I’ve walked in your shoes. I understand the weight of financial burdens, the despair of feeling trapped, and the longing for freedom.

My mission is to guide you, to offer a lifeline to those seeking jobs from home, and to introduce you to those side jobs from home that aren’t just about surviving but thriving.

My story of blogging began as an impulse!

My blogging journey began in the autumn of 2019 when I started to write on impulse after seeing my wife struggle with her mental health which was just an iceberg of what was to come later.

We didn’t know that her mental health struggles were caused by endometriosis and fibromyalgia…

For over 7 years my wife suffered from a number of unexplainable symptoms doctors could never explain, which deteriorated her mental state. She became anxious and very depressed because of the disbelief and gaslighting she experienced.

She tried to commit suicide on two separate occasions, so I decided to take time off work, to keep an eye on my wife during her recovery.

During two months, my M stayed in bed, and to occupy my mind, I began writing daily notes which turned into a book: “No amount of anxiety will push me away” which I never published…

Przemo Lucjan Bania

During my research about anxiety, I stumbled upon a blog from Anxious Lass who wrote an article on how she started her own blog, and how she found it helpful as therapy and later on, financially. I had a lightbulb moment and decided to follow her path. My first blog “Worry Head” was born.

My first blog.

Originally, I wanted to write about mental health, but my wife’s chronic conditions changed everything, and I had to pivot my blog toward the health niche.

After 4 years, I still use “Worry Head” to spread awareness and to help male partners of women who suffer from endometriosis and fibromyalgia understand what their loved ones are going through, however, after writing 300+ articles (without artificial intelligence), I post on my health blog only once a week, sometimes less, and focus more on my current blog that is more in the personal finance niche.

So yes – that wasn’t the end of my story of blogging, it was just the beginning…

My second blog.

The blogging odyssey continues and my second blog is a testament to my evolution. It isn’t just a platform to express what I feel, it’s a business. In this new era of blogging, it’s more than just a pastime. It’s a legitimate career if one knows how to navigate it.

After starting this blog, I immersed myself in the fascinating world of blogging, SEO, affiliate marketing, and mastering the art of Pinterest – every day was a lesson.

Today, I stand before you, not just as a blogger, but as a testament to the transformative power of passion and perseverance. If you’re at the crossroads of starting your blogging journey, rest assured that I will guide you through the whole process!

Should you start a blog?

Ah, the age-old question for budding online entrepreneurs – “Where do I begin?” and the answer lies in the question – “Where does your heart gravitate?”

  • Do you feel the pull of pouring out your soul and insights into a blog?
  • Does the allure of crafting visual masterpieces on Pinterest enchant you?
  • What about weaving magic with your hands and sharing it on Etsy?
  • Does dropshipping, starting a Shopify shop or affiliate marketing call out?

Normally, I would suggest you listen to that inner whisper, however, I actually tested all of the above. I found that the easiest and best way to start is the following:

  1. Pinterest is like strolling up a hill in flip-flops – a bit unconventional, but hey, you’re making progress and looking good doing it!
  2. Etsy is like planting flowers in a garden while sipping tea – some dirt might get on your fancy hat, but in the end, you’ve got something beautiful to show.
  3. Affiliate marketing is like river rafting with a rubber duck – might seem out of place, but with the right strategy, that duck’s going to sail!
  4. Blogging is like scaling a mountain in bunny slippers – it’s a quirky choice, there’ll be slips and trips, but imagine the stories you’ll tell when you’re at the top!

Your story of blogging!

95% of bloggers fail, so why the heck should you start a blog?

Despite the time it takes to build it, you should start a blog because you can diversify your income through blogging in many ways:

  • You can make money from advertising.
  • You can earn affiliate commissions.
  • You can grow with Pinterest.
  • You can sell products or services.
  • You can get sponsorships.
  • You can charge for consulting services.
  • You can create and sell online courses.

The list goes on, but despite that, for many people, a blog might just be a digital diary. To me, it was a beacon of hope. A blog is more than just words on a screen!

My story of blogging started as a therapeutic outlet to pour out my thoughts and transformed into something very monumental. My blog was no longer a mere hobby, it was a booming business venture with the promise of multiple income streams – an avenue I’d never imagined held the key to financial liberation.

Monetizing my blog felt like unraveling the secrets of a hidden treasure – affiliate marketing, sponsored posts, I even wrote 5 eBooks – suddenly, I was harnessing avenues of income I’d never even heard of before!

And yet, money was only a piece of the puzzle. Blogging has shed light on the uncharted territory of personal finance.

It wasn’t just about income – it was about being smart with what I had. From meticulous budgeting to delving into the gold mines of precious metals, my financial horizons expanded. The combination of sound personal finance strategies with a thriving side hustle opened doors I’d only dreamed of.

If you’re drowning in financial uncertainty or yearning for a more fulfilling career path, let me tell you, blogging is your lifesaver. It might seem like a steep mountain to climb, but with determination and the right resources, the summit is closer than you think.