Can you get obsessed with blogging?

Yes, you can get obsessed with blogging. I know, I have a blogging obsession.

You can get obsessed with blogging. Many bloggers become obsessed with the act of writing posts, getting comments, and growing their audience. For other bloggers, blogging becomes an addiction that takes over their lives. It becomes their hobby.

Even though blogging isn’t a hobby these days but a very lucrative business, people still treat it as such. This is why many bloggers fail. They don’t have a vision or reason to build a successful blog.

My reasons for my blogging obsession.

I had many reasons for becoming obsessed with blogging, but the most important reason for me was to take good care of my chronically ill wife.

My wife suffers from two chronic conditions, endometriosis and fibromyalgia, both of which made her life unbearable.

This is why I wanted to blog about these chronic conditions in order to help others who might be going through the same thing, especially men in my position, trying to figure out how to cope with their partner’s illness, and how to better support their partner in the battle with endometriosis and fibromyalgia.

I also wanted to blog about chronic illnesses because I felt that there was not enough information out there for healthy partners, and if I could help many people, then it would all be worth it. I also wanted to use my blog as a platform to raise awareness about endometriosis, fibromyalgia, and CFS, to help break the stigma surrounding them.

So, yes – you can get obsessed with blogging, but it’s important to have a valid reason for doing so. Otherwise, you’ll just be another failed blogger.

The way blogging makes me feel…

Blogging helps me express all of the negative feelings I experience caring for my ill wife. But it also allows me to express the positive ones as well.

Blogging has given me a creative outlet that I never had before. It’s therapeutic, and it helps me feel connected to a community of people who understand what I’m going through.

Blogging makes me feel alive!

I realized that I can blog and have a beautiful life. Blogging can change your life if you let it. It has certainly changed mine.

If you’re thinking about starting a blog, or if you’re already obsessed with blogging, just remember to stay true to yourself and your vision. Don’t let blogging consume you – let it empower you!

How blogging makes you feel?

I’d love to know that, I’d like to know how blogging makes you feel!

  • Does blogging make you excited because you can make a lot of money from it?
  • Is it a great way to connect with people who share your interests?
  • Does blogging make you feel alive and empowered?

Whatever your reasons are, just make sure you don’t get obsessed with blogging to the point where it takes over your life. Balance is key!

Obsessed with blogging 1

Are you passionate or obsessed?

I’m both – passionate and obsessed with blogging.

My lovely wife thinks that I have a blogging obsession, but however I would agree with her, there is much more to it…

Blogging can change your life to the point where you can ditch your traditional 9 to 5 job, become a professional blogger, and make a really good living out of it because a written content career is the best!

You won’t have to work for anybody else’s happiness but your own.

You will get tons of free time because when you blog smart, not hard, you can earn even 6 figures per month from it if you know how to pivot your blog towards success. Remember – blogging isn’t a hobby anymore, it is a serious business model.

Blogging isn’t a hobby.

Even though in the past blogging used to be a way to keep a personal diary online, or share your interests with the world, it has now become something much more.

Blogging isn’t a hobby anymore. Today, blogging has become a way to build an audience, share your voice, and make money.

If you take your blogging journey seriously, you can make a living from it.

So again, blogging isn’t a hobby, it is a real business. Not only you can have a lot of fun blogging, but you also can:

  • make a lot of money blogging
  • build a personal brand with your blog
  • make a difference for other people

Yes, you can get obsessed with blogging, but it’s important to remember that blogging is a real business. So, if you want to make money from your blog, you need to treat it like one!

Blogging is a real business.

There are companies worth billions of dollars that also started as a blog.

Take, for example, the case of Buzzfeed. It all started with a blog in 2006 and now, only 12 years later, it’s a media powerhouse reaching over 200 million people every month. Or take the case of The Huffington Post. It started as a blog in 2005 and now it’s one of the most popular news sites in the world.

So, if you’re thinking about starting a blog, don’t treat it like a hobby, and most of all, don’t quit blogging. Take it seriously and who knows, maybe one day your blog will also be worth billions of dollars!

In the meantime, know that to build a successful blogging career you need to focus on the things that are important to the growth of your blog, or if you already began your blogging journey, you need to pivot your blog towards growth.

Obsessed with blogging 2

Sings you may be obsessed.

For some people, this can be a very rewarding experience. But for others, it can be a bit too much.

If you find that you’re spending more time than you’d like on your blog, or you’re feeling obsessed with it, then it might be time to take a step back. Here are a few signs that you might be obsessed with blogging:

  1. You’re spending more time on your blog than you’d like.
  2. You’re feeling anxious or stressed out if you’re not able to blog.
  3. You’re neglecting other areas of your life because of your blog.
  4. Your blog is causing arguments with your friends or family.
  5. You’re not enjoying blogging anymore.

If you spend more time on your blog than you’d like, or if it’s causing arguments with your friends or family, then it might be time to take a step back. You can become anxious or stressed out, and not be able to think of anything else but your blog.

I understand that you want to aim toward the goal of making a passive income, but if you neglect the important areas of your life, including your family, you may lose it all.

Tips for your blogging obsession.

If you can relate to any of the above, then it might be time to take a break from blogging. Always remember, if it’s just a hobby, it shouldn’t take over your life. But even if you are trying to build a blogging career, but you become obsessed with blogging, you should take some time for yourself and do something that makes you happy.

If you find yourself spending hours upon hours thinking about blogging, writing posts in your head, or scrolling through social media sites to see what other bloggers are doing, then you may be obsessed with blogging.

This obsession can lead to neglecting other important aspects of your life, such as work, school, family, and friends.

While there’s nothing wrong with being passionate about blogging, it’s important to make sure that it doesn’t take over your life.

Balance is key in all things, and that includes blogging.

Find something else that you’re passionate about and make sure to set aside time for it in your schedule. This way, you can enjoy the benefits of blogging without letting it consume your life.

My conclusion…

Blogging is still a hobby for many, even a livelihood for a few. For some, it becomes an obsession.

Many bloggers often feel compelled to write several times daily and feel anxious if they don’t keep up. As they spend more time with their computers, they neglect family, friends, and jobs.

I admit that I may have a small blogging obsession. Since I started my first health blog, for 3 years in a row I never skipped a day without thinking of my blog. Every time my wife falls asleep, I spend on average 3 hours blogging.

Every evening I start around 10 pm and finish at 1 am. Sometimes longer.

The next morning my alarm wakes me up at 6 am, and after 5 hours of sleep, the first thing I think of is my laptop and new ideas for my blog posts.

You may be experiencing similar symptoms as me lately. Waking up in the middle of the night and writing notes in your mind about your next blog post topic. Maybe you sit at work and realize that you think of it too.

As long you don’t sacrifice time spent with your family and friends, you should be okay. Don’t quit blogging otherwise.

Take your time, it’s going to grow. Remember, that not every blog post is going to rank in google and that for each of your blog posts it takes on average 8 months to enter these search engines.

Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither is your blog. Be obsessed with blogging, but in a good way!

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Przemo Bania is a blogger and writer who helps people get out of their traditional jobs to start a blogging career. Przemo also runs a health blog advocating for endometriosis and fibromyalgia…

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