Family financial planning for women.

Family financial planning for women 1

Family financial planning for women. The importance of financial planning is more important than ever in today’s times. As for the summer of 2023, people around the world struggle financially. Many young women want to start a family but living paycheck to paycheck does not make it an easy process. This is why I decided … Read more

How to build a side hustle stack taking care of personal finance?

How to build a side hustle stack while taking care of personal finance 1

How to build a side hustle stack taking care of personal finance? If you’ve been following me for a while, you know just how passionate I am about two things – personal finance and side hustle stack. Today, I am thrilled to bring these two loves of mine together in a comprehensive guide that I … Read more

Next Gen Personal Finance.

Next gen personal finance 1

Next Gen Personal Finance. In the ever-evolving landscape of personal finance, the emergence of next-generation financial tools and strategies has revolutionized the way individuals manage their money. Next-gen personal finance encompasses a wide range of innovative solutions and technologies designed to empower individuals in making informed decisions, achieving financial well-being, and navigating the complexities of … Read more

The psychology of money.

The psychology of money 1

The psychology of money. As a blogger with over 350 blog posts and 3 eBooks under my belt, I’ve explored a multitude of topics in the personal finance space. But one subject that consistently fascinates me is the psychology of money and how people think, including: In this article, I will dive deep into the … Read more